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Western Road Network Industries offers TMT organizations the chance to evolve and transform, but it also presents challenges around competitiveness and delivering agile corporate strategies for growth. Content distributors are transforming into content producers, service providers are becoming tech companies, technology companies are the catalyst for dramatic change in every sector, and customers want the latest innovations now.


We help TMT companies create compelling employee and customer experiences, retaining skills and talent while achieving enterprise-wide operational excellence. We help them protect their data, brand and reputation. We also enable the pursuit of M&A strategies that systematically create value, reduce risk and transform TMT companies into powerhouses that will lead the technology revolution of the future – building a better working world for all. 


Your transition to 5G and edge computing creates new opportunities to lead in the cloud economy. But delivering next-generation applications and services requires a telco cloud that has the agility, scalability, and cost savings inherent in cloud architectures. Built on a telco cloud foundation, a multi-cloud strategy enables you to unify your network and IT environments and connect them to private enterprise clouds, edge clouds, and public clouds. With VMware’s telco cloud platform you can efficiently create, monetize, and deliver an array of new applications and services for both consumer and enterprise markets, such as SD-WAN, managed security, and digital workspaces.

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